Varför gör du det så svårt för dig?

- En bok om perspektiv

(Moonred Media, 2015)

"Why do You make it so hard for yourself?"

Mattias presents his first book. It's about us, ordinary people making life harder than it should be, because we lost the right perspectives. Mattias takes you on a journey through the Universe, Philosophy, Religion, Science, Time, Literature, Music and gives you the Perspective Principles that might help you come back to a more balanced and insightful position. Unfortunately this book is still only available in Swedish. Please be patient for the English version. Take a look at the book.

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Refresing the Customer Dialogue

(2018, Moonred Media)

"Refreshing the Customer Dialogue"

THE CUSTOMER EXPECTS MORE, its time to raise the bar and deliver a refreshed Customer Dialogue. Teach the complex, earn trust, see the customer, make it personalized and offer an instant learning journey. Provide micro-training in the moment, in the customer meeting. Enlighten! And understand why this is real now and learn how to do it. No matter whether you are a human being or an AI-algorithm.In a fast-spinning world with a huge amount of complexity, newly invented technology, online services offerings and proliferate multiple-choice situations, requiring constant important personal decisions - you might wonder how to keep up? All this in combination with personal limitations in time and mental bandwidth creates a great opportunity and need in the world for brands and passionate individuals, or sophisticated AI-algorithms, to take on the role of a teacher and digital curator and explain topics of interest in an effective and consumable style. Vendors need to step up here and improve the conversational style and give customers what they need: enlightenment and advisory based on a true understanding of and empathy for the customer, not only the basics. This book provides tactics and insights into how to effectively explain complicated matters with aspects of: expectation management, an executive summary format, story journeys, zoom in and zoom out, in-flow-repetition, the Swedish perspective, play intelligence, digital curation, and more! All framed in a new method: The Cassiopeia Method. A practical guide for customer-facing persons/algorithms looking for tangible suggestions as how to become even more appreciated by the customer.Join the movement of a beautiful and new Customer Dialogue!

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