Life is painfully short, but when we keep close to tasteful perspectives we can appreciate more.

I outline a couple of the most essential and helpful perspectives in my first published book, see the links for more about that book.

I am also passionated (and fascinated!) about the potential of a refreshed customer dialogue and what that could do for our global and local practice of Sales, Marketing, Service and Consultancy. My second published book is about exactly that.

Thought of the day

Stockholm, April

"Right now,  our  professional world is all about niche, niche and niche. I love that, but as a human being and a holistic personality I need more. I want to see the big picture, with the right perspectives and see myself thrive and smile."

- Mattias Sjovall

A plate filled

In the air, February

"Endless of important, complicated new topics to consider, value, analyze and judge. This is my day to day experience. Step one. The second step is to make something out of it, see what makes sense and what is worth to bring into practice and become a transformational force.

Exception: all books written about football. I love that sport, but I advice to avoid the literature about it."

- Mattias Sjovall


Rome,  August

Always writing on the next book. Not only non-fiction about Customer Management and Technology, but also fiction. Thrillers. When you enter the world of novels everything is possible, that's the huge challenge and inspiration. I like it every morning, waking up and writing a page or two.

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